Company ProFile

  • Environmental sustainability is now a key part of innovation in the automobile industry.
    The economical use of resources in automobiles in order to optimize fuel efficiency and the reduction of carbon and gas emissions are essential for the conservation of our planet. 
    At JP turbo, we aim to achieve these objectives by promoting the use of turbochargers in automobiles.
    Our belief is that through technological advances and new innovation, high quality turbochargers will help pave the way to a brighter future. Stringent measures are taken to ensure we continue to provide our customers with durable and reliable high quality products such as the implementation of quality assurance systems and a continual adherence to a strict quality policy. JP turbo takes pride in the quality, low cost and punctual delivery of its products providing exceptional solutions to our customers.
  • Company Culture
  • Yong Jun Company Ltd promotes a strong foundation in company culture in terms of ongoing development and innovation. We encourage our people to think big and act in the best interests of the environment; where cooperative team work, tenacity, integrity, excellence and positivity are hugely incorporated in the day to day running of the business to reach the objective of the highest customer satisfaction in a socially responsible fashion.
  • Company Mission
  • With each product produced by Yong Jun Company Ltd comes a promise to always deliver the quality goods in the interests of safety of consumers, the environmentally friendly and economic use of resources and social responsibility.
  • Company Value
  • All employees of Yong Jun Company Ltd live by our company values and possess a strong work ethic, helping us to maintain consistency in the production of turbochargers. By sharing a vision of becoming the world’s most respected leading brand, we undergo vigorous active training and learn the latest techniques, customer satisfaction and relationship building. We are committed to excellence in respect to corporate success in a supportive and socially responsible environment.
  • Quality Policies
  • In order to consistently produce quality products, our highly skilled teams regular carry out performance and quality tests to ensure the standards of quality assurance are met.
  • R&D
  • Yong Jun Company Ltd stands by the unyielding belief that innovation and new breakthrough technologies make the world go round. Hence, we invest greatly in the research and development of turbochargers. This stems from the fundamental planning, design and inspection of our products, the continual revision of our manufacturing process, the quality inspection of the finished product, to taking onboard of invaluable feedback and the follow up of improvement measures.